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Step into the Light

We all know the power of energy affects us when it is used with respect. Our coven consists of 9 experienced witches in the Wicca religion that work diligently to bring positive changes to the lives of others using the power of witchcraft. Our spells can help return a lover, mend a relationship, bind two people together, improve finances, stimulate good luck, protect from negative energy, change appearances and more.

We put energy into a box during the casting of each spell. We ship it to clients and it is their job to open up the box and release the energy into the universe.

Releasing the energy of each spell that we cast is a powerful and important part of making these spells work. Each client is involved in the casting by releasing this energy into the universe. This helps each and every spell's ability to understand it's origin and be released by the person desiring an outcome.

How Do Your Magic Spells Work?

We have a coven of 9 expert wiccans that cast a spell on behalf of our clients. All spells cast by our coven are proven to work. When we cast a spell we put energy into a box for you. It is up to the client to open the box and release the energy of the spell into the universe. This is a small participation requirement for each spell. Expect to receive your box discreetly marked within two weeks (time varies from spell to spell).


Why Are Spell Boxes So Powerful?

Each box is buried in the earth prior to adding the energy of each spell into it. When it is unearthed by over coven, the energy of the universe is already one with the spell box. When the energy of a magic spell is put inside combined with the energy of the universe, spells manifest themselves bringing the desired change. 





Spell Boxes

  • Contain energy of the spell cast by our coven

  • Open the box and release the energy of each spell into the universe to bring about positive changes in your life.

  • Each box holds the energy of the earth. When this energy is released in combination with the energy of a magic spell, powerful results manifest.

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Our Coven


Each member of our coven has an expertise in specific types of spells. With 9 members all casting a spell on our client's behalf, the amount of energy that goes into each casting is extreme. It is the reason all of our spells bring results each time they are cast. We are expert spell casters and work diligently in the casting of each spell.