Love Spells

Bring Back Lover Spell

Want your ex back? This spell makes the desire for your ex to return to a relationship with their whole heart. It increases your ex's desire to want the relationship back. It will be his/her desire to make things work again.



Break Up and Return Lover Spell

Is your ex moved onto another relationship and you want them to come back to you? This spell ends the current relationship that they are in permanently. You will not have to worry about this person that they are dating coming around anymore. It will also return them to you to get back together as a couple.



Break Up Spell

Want to see a couple break up? This spell ends the relationship of a couple. This spell leads a couple to peacefully decide to part ways. Full names and birth dates of both people required.



Customized Love Spell

Is your situation unique and need a spell designed just for you? Our coven will create a powerful customized love spell designed to bring each client the results that they desire all wrapped up into one spell.



Attraction Love Spell   

Want someone to be attracted to you? Or maybe you want other people in general to be more attracted to you in general. This spell increase's the desire of physical attraction.



Always Faithful Love Spell   

Want to make sure your partner is always faithful? This spell will keep your partner focused on you and your relationship and will make sure that they stay faithful always.



Fall Deeply in Love Spell

Want someone to fall deeply in love with you? This spell will increase the subject's desire to not only be in a relationship with you, but they will think of you all of the time and will want to take your relationship to the next level. This spell causes the subject to fall in love with you and they will make their feelings known.



Power Box Love Spell

Need the strongest love spell available? Each power box love spell is customized for the needs of each individual client. 5 days of casting by our coven gives this spell large energy levels manifesting your desires quickly and with positive results. Get the best results known to man now with the power box love spell.



Each box is shipped discreetly to our clients



Open the box up and release the energy of the spell into the universe



Spells released by the person requesting the love spell work better.



Have a spell cast by another witch that failed? A love spell released by the requestor will work better for you if other spells have failed in the past.



Each box is buried and contains the energy of the earth and the energy of your love spell.









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Full Name and Date of Birth of all parties included (only required if you have already ordered a spell)

1. Full Names of anyone involved.

2. Birth Dates of anyone involved.

3. For the Break Up and Return Lover Spell the full name and date of birth is not required for your ex's current relationship.

4. For customized spells or specific requests, please contact us to discuss your requests.