Money Spells

Scratch off Lottery Spell       
Want better luck when playing scratch off lottery games? This spell will bring better luck to any scratch off lottery game that you decide to play. No need to play the same game over and over. Recommendation to play at least one scratch off game per week after this spell has been cast.
Rags to Riches Lottery Spell

Want to win money at a specific lottery game? Increase your chances of going from rags to riches by directing this spell towards a larger jackpot lottery game. Play quick picks, get better numbers and win big!



Power Money Spell
Want better luck when playing any lottery game? With this spell you can play any lottery game you desire and have an increased chance of winning. Change it up and play different lottery games every week. This spell works great for people who love to play the lottery and want a strong spell that works for any game they choose to play.


Get More Business Spell
Want to attract more business? This spell will increase sales and help get your business going in a positive direction. Increase growth in sales and drive in new customers. Helps attract repeat sales as well.


Real Estate Spell
Need your house sold? Or a property rented? This spell helps attract the right real estate deal to the property of your choice. Can help attract buyers, renters, developers and more. Will be customized to fit your needs.


Employment Spell
Do you need a job? This spell helps get you employed and back into the workforce at a much faster rate. Get hired now and start working again!



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